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Golden Era of Online Video

I believe we are on the verge of a golden era in online video -original content and advertising, much like the golden era of cinema and television that has long since past. I liken the current state of online video (and video for mobile devices) to the pre-golden era of cinema and television for several reasons.

Think about it.

We are in an experimental period much like these two well established mediums were in their infancy.

– Format?
Is 3 minutes too long for online viewing? Can I develop characters in two minutes or less? How often between releases of webisodes? In cinema, The first film shown publicly was of women exiting a factory – one shot. Not exactly worth repeat viewing. It took years to develop the concept of two hour, long-form narrative through editing. In the early years of television, most shows were variety shows, which were simply the visualizing of radio shows and vaudeville acts of the time. It took Lucille Ball to come along and develop a three-camera setup to shoot a story – creating sitcoms. Think about it, before the 1950’s, sitcoms didn’t exist. Now it’s a staple of television programming. The same will happen with online video, and has already begun – short, comedic webisodes and informative how-to videos seem to be prevailing.

– Monetizing online video?
Pre-rolls, Post-rolls, overlays, banner ads? In the early days of television, marketers would sponsor tv shows and Milton Berle would hold up an Alpo can and speak directly into the camera plugging the product. Dog food sold to the masses, but too obtrusive. Then someone decided to make 30 second breaks and develop a creative around a product to help build brand. They called it a commercial. Think about it. The 30 second tv commercial format hasn’t been around that long. It was developed during the golden age of television. That will happen with online video as well. But it will be much more targeted, trackable, and transparent.

Give your audience good content. Be transparent. Your audience will appreciate it, come back for more, grow, and in the end, buy what you are selling. The golden age of online video is right around the corner, are you ready?


Hello world!

Hello everyone. I guess it is about time I joined the blogosphere and shared my knowledge of the ‘goings on’ of the online filmmaking community, how social media is changing the way we produce professional video, and general video production content. So, I got up this morning with the determination to start this blog and after subjecting my body to the rigors of the gym, a trip to the movie theater with my son (he now expects to get a dog with superpowers), and bombarding myself with the daily facebook, youtube, and myspace information, I have finally gotten around to making my first entry in my blog at 3:30pm. Wow. For those of you who know me, you know what to expect. For those who don’t, just let me say, opinions won’t be in short supply. Hey, you may even learn something. I know I will. Here is a little preview of what is to come: I will be shooting with a motion control system running the RED digital cinema camera in a few short weeks and will have plenty to say about that, I am producing/directing an episodic comedy for the internet (again, lots to learn and say about that), and producing a movie through the connectivity and power of social media. Stay tuned and please subscribe and let me know what you think. Until next time…

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August 2020