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Producing “How To Do Florida” television show

One of the great things I love about working for my production company is – they get it! I’ve been a freelance producer/director for pretty much my entire career and loved it. I had personal freedom. Creative license. The ability to choose projects that interest me.

Why would I want to work for the man? For another production company? With rules. Unruly clients. Meetings. Punching a timeclock (I hadn’t punched a timeclock since college). And most importantly – no clear vision of creating good, entertaining content. I would never do it. It’s artistic suicide!

Well, I was wrong. I good friend of mine, Chad Crawford, asked me to join him last year, and naturally I resisted.  Until he laid out a plan that, quite honestly, shocked me. A plan of creating original content that we could own, market, and distribute. Here’s a guy that gets it (now if I only could get him to blog) and has the same goals as me. So, I joined him and his production company and am happy to tell you that our first original television show will begin airing in May, locally on My65 in Orlando and statewide on the SunSports Network. It’s a fantastic show that entertains, teaches and encourages Floridians to actively engage their state. For example in the first episode, we show viewers “how” to go surfing – where to go, how to pick the right surfboard, how to stand up on the board, etc. We also cover how to go shrimping, how to cook the shrimp you catch, how to relax on a sunset river cruise, and how to go kayaking. The exciting thing is this show is only our first endeavor into creating original content, we already have more television content, webisodes, and even documentaries on tap for future productions. Check out the intro. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.


Viral Potential of Newest TV Spot – Easel Guy

Today we had a little creative round-table about a new campaign for one of our clients. The client expressed interest in creating a series of television spots that would engage the audience and create an anticipation for the next tv commercials in the campaign. Earlier in the year, we produced a spot for them in which a young man goes around town, showing up in everyday locations, and convinces people to go back to school – but with a full-blown, high energy pitch, his trusted easel in tow. Check out the behind the scenes shoot here:

The client loved the spots and they performed well, but wanted to build on it to include a reason for the audience to anticipate the next spot as well as motivate them to go to the website for more info, and, hopefully create a viral effect down the road. Their idea was to kill off the ‘easel guy’ at the end of every spot, a la Kenny from South Park. I personally love the idea, but don’t think it would work because it would hurt ‘easel guy’s” credibility. Springboarding off of that idea, I think we have come up with a great alternative to achieve this. Now, I don’t believe you can “plan” a viral campaign necessarily. However, you can include a lot of the things that you think might make it viral, and I think our spots will have that. But videos go viral for a ton of different reasons, and the most important is the community – your audience – whether or not they think the content is funny enough, shocking enough, relevant enough, or just plain stupid enough to send it to their friends. We will go for a little of it all – humor, shock and stupidity. Stay tuned.


Filming RED ONE, Motion Control TV Spot

Recently, the Crawford Group filmed a 30 second tv spot using the RED ONE camera and a motion control rig. We used this setup to create a special fx shot that achieves a unique look and feel. The skinny of it is this – certain characters in the spot are moving in slow motion while others are sped up. Differing the speed of movement of the actors and the pacing of the camera moves (up front) really sets the spot apart from others and draws the viewer in. Stacked in a block of high-paced commercials, it should perform well. Check it out.

Everyone did a great job to make the project a success – the client, agency, motion control rig, special fx supervisor, and the crew – they all really collaborated, worked hard, and successfully pulled off my vision for the spot.

Big props to the post-production department for pulling this off under crazy, crazy deadlines. You guys rock!

Leave comments, let me know what you think.


Water Filter USA online video – Behind The Scenes

Clean, sparkling water. Here we are behind the scenes of our latest production, an online video educating the public about the harmful effects of unfiltered water and hard water in your home. Bad stuff. Get a water filter now.

Client: Pelican Technologies


More HD production – Behind The Scenes – Day 2

Shooting Day 2 for Security First. We got to flood a room to recreate a water damaged home. Ah, the fun things you can do producing television. Reminded me of the time when I was 6 and left the bath running. Sorry Mom!


Online video audience to reach nearly 1 billion in four years

According to ABI Research, the number of online video viewers will grow from 563 million at the end of 2008 to 941 million by 2013, as convergence, speeds and services increase their speed to market.

“All stakeholders in the online video ecosystem are eyeing the living room,” remarks ABI research director Michael Wolf.  “With the continued adoption of network-connected video game consoles, …(and) services such as Hulu and Netflix onto third party consumer electronics devices…we see this market for TV-displayed online video continuing to grow.” 

Great news! Not “oh crap, that’s a shock’ kinda news,” but added fuel to help convince my clients – online video is the future of marketing! Not to mention verifying there will be a sizable audience for the original webisodes and other content we are producing. I love tv, don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a living from it, and the web has quite a ways to go before it can provide my clients and our original entertainment the kind of reach tv can. But it’s not far off! For some of my clients, and you know who you are, it’s already arrived! It’s all about niche markets and accountability. So, let me know what you think. Are you using video on the web? Are you thinking about it? What’s stopping you? 


Behind The Scenes – Security First – Day 1

Video production…that is what I do. And for those of you who are interested in what that entails, here’s a little taste of what we do at the Crawford Group everyday. So, enjoy a little behind the scenes video I put together. TV commercial production for Riordan Communications and Security First home insurance – Day 1. Let me know what you think, leave a comment.


Hello world!

Hello everyone. I guess it is about time I joined the blogosphere and shared my knowledge of the ‘goings on’ of the online filmmaking community, how social media is changing the way we produce professional video, and general video production content. So, I got up this morning with the determination to start this blog and after subjecting my body to the rigors of the gym, a trip to the movie theater with my son (he now expects to get a dog with superpowers), and bombarding myself with the daily facebook, youtube, and myspace information, I have finally gotten around to making my first entry in my blog at 3:30pm. Wow. For those of you who know me, you know what to expect. For those who don’t, just let me say, opinions won’t be in short supply. Hey, you may even learn something. I know I will. Here is a little preview of what is to come: I will be shooting with a motion control system running the RED digital cinema camera in a few short weeks and will have plenty to say about that, I am producing/directing an episodic comedy for the internet (again, lots to learn and say about that), and producing a movie through the connectivity and power of social media. Stay tuned and please subscribe and let me know what you think. Until next time…

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